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Throughout the Generic Design Assessment process, Rolls-Royce SMR will submit large numbers of documents to the regulators. As part of its commitment to openness and transparency, and in-line with the guidance underpinning the assessment, major submissions will be published in the Documents section of this website.

Following document production and checking, documents produced by Rolls-Royce SMR are submitted to the regulators for assessment. This includes agreement to publish on the website. We will remove any items that may include security or export controlled sensitive information along with any material that contains our innovative intellectual property. Our approach is to try and ensure that we make as much information publicly available as possible.

Alongside the documents published on this website, our independent regulators will also publish extensive information on their own websites and joint webpages, explaining and supporting their assessment.

ONR - Generic Design Assessment (GDA) of new nuclear power stations (
Environment Agency - New nuclear power stations: assessing reactor designs - GOV.UK (
Natural Resources Wales

Sensitive nuclear information, commercially sensitive information and information restricted under export control legislation has been removed from these documents – in agreement with the regulators.